Who We Are

Aisles is a retail tech startup, that seeks to transform the retail shopping experience through innovative AI-powered technology.

What Sets Aisles Apart?

AI-Powered Mapping and Guiding System

Functionality: Aisles' application uses artificial intelligence to show customers the exact location of items within a store. Think of it as a GPS but for shopping inside a store.

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Customers no longer have to aimlessly wander searching for products.

Customer Satisfaction

Easy navigation means happier customers.


Store employees can allocate their time to other tasks instead of guiding customers.

Contactless Payment

Aisles has developed a contactless payment system called Trusties, which allows customers to pay for their purchases using their smartphones. This streamlines the checkout process and reduces wait times.

Contactless Payment
self-Driving Shopping Carts

Tech Wheel self driving shopping carts!

We are creating a new way to use shopping carts. Not just a smarter but more faster and works around you. From becoming your personal guide around the store to finding you the best deals!

Enhanced Safety Features

Aisles prioritizes customer safety by providing real-time alerts on product recalls and potential hazards, ensuring that customers are informed and protected during their shopping experience.

Enhanced Safety Features
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